Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aura- M-forteen all set for new single

M-forteen set for Already Home single

Its your boy Aura again live and direct from the Chi. The boy M-forteen is back with new music..

Already Home|Mixtape  lead single titled Di Dang produced by JBreeze..

The ATL producer JBreeze also produce M-forteens Amen single titled A$$ like JLo and is said to have provided more production on this 8trakk aswell..

M-forteen prepares the mixtape as a teaser for his upcoming tours and the single is hot..out soon not sure on dates and everything bt be on the lookout..

----AURA of Light----

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

M-forteen -Already Home -Cover Art

M-forteen has released his Already Home|Mixtape cover art..

It shows M-forteen with a mic in action doin his this and behind him a lion as if to say im the king of the hiphop jungle..

Monday, February 4, 2013

M-forteen Explains X-cuse Me verse..-Aura

M-forteen explains his verse on Impulse's single titled X-cuse Me

My name is Aura i run the M-forteen blog..and ima be covering every release by the artist and will certainly get the scoop and explaination to each each of his hits that hit the scene or the crowd runing hope yol blog back..

Yo maa manz X-cuse is a hot track u and impulse go hard first off who is Impulse and where u find this dude..?

No doubt the record is hot..impulse is my lil manz he just came with the Calliber package..just he is commercial and hits at the mainstream crowd..

So the verse..your verse on the joint. I mean dog u go harder than i have heard you in a while it reminds me of the Hustle and Flow times where M4 would kill tracks of the top..

Its nothing man just the song took me to another level like..after i had the hook play in my head everything jus got put in place and i already had the energy goin into it..

Who u goin at on that verse..? Seems kinda personal.

Well i been getting so many lil raps and wana be rappers or flopping rappers getting at me tryna make a name for themselves..its hiphop i get that bt im.jus goin em to showem that they dont want it wit me

U aint goin tell us who they are. Are U?

Hahaha in due time..ima wait till the moment when they put themselves in the air so i kick away the chair..

More of this interview on Story Behind the Song.. Coming soon

Download X-cuse Me featuring M-forteen here:
X-cuse Me (ft. M-forteen)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A$$ Like JLo __by M-forteen

Hip-Hop artist M-forteen has hit the crowd running in 2013 with the release of his new single A$$ Like JLo Atlanta Native Jason Sterlin aka  JBreeze..

"A$$ Like JLo is one of those hot recordz man.. Im proud of this record and JBreeze came on this beat production and my ma Slotta is fuckin wit it.. So theres the thumps up we good to go.." said M-forteen

M-forteen who is also preparing the documentory titled Story Behind The Song which will also feature the making of this record will also feature on a few singles this February zo its going to be a hot summer

A$$ Like JLo [ JBreeze]

X-Cuse Me (ft. M-forteen)

Hook by M-forteen
Im killin it..Killn it (x3) it.
Xcuse my swagg
Xcu. cuse my swagg
killin it
Im killin dis suit n Tie swagg
Fresh to death call it suicide/ on
black homey./.its presidential move
broads..Broad mindz/.im bored outa my
mind thes bullshit these boys be on../
I put my city..I taught yol nigaz how to
monster/..i put my city on Beats by dre im
in da roster/..Bustards, stop it,cut the silly
nonsense/..u r wat eat..lil pussy go brush
yo teeth../
/Im killin it swag on a hundred million/
drillin it legs high/..she must b
screamin/..Leanin coz she finin...coz da
boyz a gud look/..a gud cook/..i wine and i
dine dis chicks look../I ball with out a plan
B/ball so filthy. I ball till I fall..and i floss
wher da cake B../u nigaz tryna ball u numb
and fall no a testy../im all she can take to
da gut no break b../ I lose weight sulktion
like loypo wen she sucks me./ Im lucky i
go long, deep down her deep throat./
Being broke childish and im quiet
grown../.let me put u on./.let me show u
how da nikkers fall./

X-Cuse Me (ft. M-forteen) by Impulse

Story Behind The Song (chapter 1)

M-forteen (narative)

The hardest part about Fame or any of popularity is the ppreparation for it.

All artist who have become one hit wonders and fell of minutes after their 15minutes of fame..are a result poor mental preparation..

Being an entertainer is hardwork..harder than that test you wrote in school and forget everything u studied moment you set down..harder to deal with than the deep heartbreak..harder to maintain dan body weighit.. Thats why artist ball so hard, do drugs, spend money on cheap women and live life fast, hence the sayin Sex, Drugz and Rock'n Roll

I personally had to deal with a society filled with small minds and that to me was a battle i wasnt prepared for. Growing up in a country where everything is protocol. Arts or artistic creatives making a living of their talent is unheard off. Where being a musician is considered unemployement.. I broke the moul by collaborating with a Grammy award winner in a freak occarance and showed the world as a whole that our lil land locked cucoon actualy has the ability to play wit the best of em. Bt instead of having my people celebrate my moment with me i was shun and labelled. Only to be celebrated by our neighbouring RSA who have no problem of taking you and posing u as their and Mr Vilane (first African to climb mount Everest and stand on top of the world) our government told him to forget about everest and to go climb sibebe and umdzimba..(i mean wtf)

So i have had to deal with a full year of people playing investigative journalist tryna prove me wrong..even lost a good friendz to those allegationz and hey i gain a gud perspective of how life is and how hard the music business is.. And where to draw the line between you the artist and your fans.

Be sure to get the DvD of Story Behind The Song- by M-forteen